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I can't wait to watch her new drama but still, I will continue to watch their drama with Jaerim. =) Pouting that she didn't go to the 2015 MBC Drama Awards... Is this her first year that she didn't attend any drama awards in December? Or any sponsors now that she's not affiliated with Fantagio anymore??? Fall in love with her and Ha Neul in Morning Grave. moreover she can attend events awards join projects even if she under no agency (she has her manager & her own stylish team to contact). If you are new to the Wiki concept, you may want to look at the help page first. Information is the important factor for this site; other more experienced users can always clean up the format of a page for you.You can also help out by expanding on existing stub pages.Its one of the cliche storyline where the best friends fall in love with each other.I watched it only because i'm a fan of Ha Ji Won & managed to finish watching the drama thanks to her.Everyone is welcome to contribute here and add any information they may know about certain dramas or artists.

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Watched SWWTN only for So-eun and Soo-hyuk, but it was awful as well. you're the only Korean artist who made ​​me love country's ginseng .

I would have liked a bigger kind of ending, but it was beautiful still. Gotta admit that this was Ha Ji Won's worst drama ever.

Ha Ji Won looks gorgeous & her acting is fantastic as usual, its just that the storyline is boring.

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