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In the passenger seat, Khaleel Al-Dhaki was focused on the secret mission he was leading to rescue a Yazidi woman and her child, both of whom were taken by ISIS and dragged into Mosul.“This kind of operation can’t be done during daytime,” he later told NBC News.A video posted to You Tube on November 1 purportedly shows a room full of ISIS militants eagerly awaiting a "slaves market," and boasting about the number of young women they intend to purchase. It would appear, however, that ISIS requires its rank and file to follow a strict code of conduct in the matter of stealing young women and trading them like cattle for sexual gratification.Early this month, a document surfaced on jihadist web forums and social media, attributed to ISIS' own "Religious Edicts Council," aimed at clearing up any lingering doubts its followers might have about the rules governing slavery.ISIS has been generating millions of dollars through the sale of women and children abducted from the regions it has conquered.While the Yazidi slave trade is well publicized in the West, we also chillingly learned through our ISIS Defectors Interview Project, that ISIS has not only enslaved Yazidi women (who they claim as devil worshippers), but also women who were the wives and daughters of its so-called enemies--most of them Sunni Muslims."When the massacre took place in Shankal [the Kurdish name for Sinjar] and Isis kidnapped children and women, I was one of those who was taken away," Ms Shankal said in an interview with Arab24.

"The answer to that one: "A man may not kiss the female slave of another, for kissing [involves] pleasure, and pleasure is prohibited unless [the man] owns [the slave] exclusively."Overall the guidelines make it clear that, in the mind of ISIS leaders, "It is permissible to buy, sell, or give as a gift female captives and slaves, for they are merely property, which can be disposed of."The most shocking information the pamphlet offers is the notion that it is "permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn't reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse; however if she is not fit for intercourse, then it is enough to enjoy her without intercourse."There is no clarification offered in the document as to what might make a young girl "fit" to be raped.

DUHOK, Iraq — It was dark as the car sped along a small road on the outskirts of the embattled Iraqi city of Mosul.

The car was driving fast, but not so fast as to draw attention. The lives of the two men in the front seat depended on their ability to keep a low profile and pass through undetected.

Kennedy airport with a gun to her head by an organized gang working in the heart of the world's economic superpower.

Nothing had prepared the slight, softly spoken, shy woman to become one of the thousands of men, women and children lured into the hidden world of sex trafficking and forced labor in the United States every year.

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