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The advent of nanotechnology, multivariate sensors, information systems, and complex systems will revolutionize the way we manage, distribute, and consume foods.The informed consumer demands foods, under the legal standards, at low cost, high standards of nutritional, sensory, and health benefits.To accommodate the new paradigms, we herein present a critical review of shelf-life dating approaches with special emphasis in computational systems and future trends on complex systems methodologies applied to the prediction of food quality and safety.

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(Poultry – 1-3 days, other meats, 3-5 days) It’s better to be safe than suffer food poisoning.Moreover, traditional methods for shelf-life dating and small-scale distribution chain tests cannot reproduce in a laboratory the real conditions of storage, distribution, and consumption on food quality.Today, food engineers are facing the challenges to monitor, diagnose, and control the quality and safety of food products.Shelf-life dating is one of the most difficult tasks in food engineering.Market pressure has lead to the implementation of shelf-life by sensory analyses, which may not reflect the full quality spectra.

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