Friends setting you up dating

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.A friend g-chatted me today to say the girls in the deli she frequents for lunch offered to set her up with another guy who works in her office building (hence, inspiring this post).Um, other than perhaps a mutual love of turkey on wheat with a little mustard, what exactly do you know about these people that indicates they are a good match? Beware of the consequences: As in the situation above, people who work in the same office have infinite potential for awkward run-ins if the date goes poorly (not to mention they are both totally going to avoid your deli, whoops!That said, it works for some people and can be a good way to meet guys with real potential, provided you follow some basic guidelines to minimize the awkwardness and avoid under-the-bed hiding.

"Like if somebody says to me, ' Can I set you up on a blind date? Let's be honest, it's typically because your friend feels sorry for her friend (or you), so your friend ends up setting you up with someone.Her reasons for his being a good catch was that he "loves showing off his money and has a temper" (who to the what now?! Her reasoning: because we're both Black and have dreads. With the first two female friends, they weren't putting my likes and interests in mind, they thought about what they liked and went with that.And with my other friend, she didn't look beyond the outside appearance for a match.Wingman uses information from your Facebook, a bit like Tinder does, but also gives your friend the option to write what’s so great about you, and basically do a lovely PR job on you.You get to see what they’ve written, so you don’t need to worry about turning up on a date to discover that your friend has painted you as a triple jointed Tantric sex specialist who springs from bed to got for a ten mile run at 6AM and then has little birds to dress them.

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