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Internet dating is great for people interested in going on a lot of dates—which means, says Harvey, that it’s great for men.

“The one thing I know about women is women don’t really want to just date,” he says.

“They want to date with the hope that it leads to a relationship.” If this sounds like misogynistic nonsense, that’s because it is: Harvey is no stranger to the art of making broad generalizations about sex, gender, and relationships, turning his specific brand of folksy gender essentialism into a best-seller with his 2011 advice book, .) In honor of the launch of Harvey’s new dating site, we’ve compiled a brief history of all the dumb things the comedian and talk show host has said about men, women, dating, and the art of giving away the “cookie,” his charming term of art for ladies’ vaginas.

On why men cheat: “[A man] is weak in some areas, and so he goes outside his relationship.

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Missions can be viewed by checking out the missions tab and by pausing the game.That f*cker better not sh*t me off or I'll be smacking that a*s monkey around.I like um...: Lidu-kun, intelligence and magic Motoko's diary: Today I got really stoned and punched the f*ck out of this homeless man. I like um...: swords, dope, power and magic Mutsumi's diary: Today I ate 34 watermelons. On my way home, I fell over and cracked my head on the concrete.Don’t be surprised if both of you have communication problems due to upbringing differences, as well as food preferences and other habits that can cause trouble.Here are some general pointers (which I repeat may not apply to all Brazilian women): 1) . People tend to live close to Mom and Dad, aunts and uncles. Divorce rates unfortunately are growing, so this may change. Children live with their parents until they get married.

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